Hotspot Alert – Bijzonder

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Virginia Woolf

Hi loves! Can we just all agree that Brunch is the best meal of the day? I will basically use any excuse to go to a cute little hotspot, have a bucket of oat milk lattes and try ALL the breakfast foods. So, as I was visiting my bestie in Maastricht last weekend, I figured our Sunday (the BEST brunch day) hangover was the perfect opportunity to go out and visit a gorgeous wee cafe, Bijzonder in Maastricht -which luckily for her is right around the corner from her place!

Foodie Hotspot in Maastricht

The first thing I look for at a cafe is the bar…and the bar at Bijzonder is pretty ‘Bijzonder’ (Dutch for ‘Special’). Just look at those rugged bricks in combination with the pretty green tiles! I’m also totally diggin’ the hanging lights and wooden fruit/veg crates.

The concept at Bijzonder is all about taking us back to our food roots with ancient grains, veggie plates and lots of fruit taking centre stage on the menu, and I love how the earthy, rugged interior encapsulates and represents that food philosophy.

Hotspot Heaven – Menu of Dreams

Avo smash? Eggs? Or more of a sweettooth kinda person? Your brunch cravings will def be satisfied at this Dutch hotspot. I was tempted by the acai bowl, the halloumi sandwich and the avo smash, but when it comes down to making a choice, French Toast will always win… with a large oat milk latte (obv).

Foodie Hotspot – Bijzonder in Maastricht

So there ya go! If you’re ever in Maastricht -and BTW I would def recommend a trip to this sweet city- and you’re in need of a cute cafe to brunch at, Bijzonder is a great little place to chill at.

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