A Weekend Trip To Lisbon

Last weekend I went on a glorious little weekend trip to Lisbon. What a gem of a city! The colours, the tiles, the people and the weather all made for a lovely weekend, so I would absolutely recommend booking a city trip to Lisbon asap! As always I ended up getting a bit snap happy and took way too many pictures, but then again Lisbon is incredibly photogenic. Totally worth a visit!

Two Day City Trip In Lisbon

An eventful start…

After a 3-hr flight (which honestly felt more like 12hrs lol) my friend and I arrived in Lisbon to our awaiting taxi. To say the taxi journey to our apartment was eventful would be a slight overstatement, but it def didn’t go down without a hitch either. From failing GPS -which meant the journey took 3x as long as it should’ve – to the taxi driver jumping out of the car mid-way, it was quite a rough introduction to the city. Still, I guess if I have to be driven around in circles there’re worse cities to see from the back of a cab than Lisbon…..

First Evening in Beautiful Lisboa

After freshening up at our apartment, which incidentally turned out to be gorgeous, we decided to venture out for our first evening in Lisbon! We were so lucky with the weather all weekend, gorgeous blue skies & sunshine, and our first evening wasn’t any different. Perfect weather for wandering about! I’ve always been a fan of exploring and getting to know a new place on foot, rather than getting taxis or other forms of public transport, so that’s exactly what we did. Luckily, Lisbon is a great walking city – if you don’t mind the odd hill, and worn-down slippery cobble stones…

We wandered down the Avenue de Liberdade, right into the centre of town where we got our first taste of everything Lisbon is famous for: colour, tiles and ancient grandeur. I loved the Praça do Comércio, which despite it’s obvious tourist appeal, was really impressive and quite lovely. I honestly think that after this trip, yellow has become my favourite colour! It’s so bright, sunny and happy. We finished the day with an awesome sushi dinner and soooo much Sangria ❤ What a start!

A Perfect Saturday In Lisbon

No first trip to Lisbon is complete without a visit to the Alfama and Alto Biarro districts. So, after an insanely good brunch at Zenith (the smoothie bowl was to die) we headed off. Yes, they’re crowded with tourists, and there are way too many tuk-tuk drivers, but you’d still be doing yourself an injustice if you miss Alfama and Alto Biarro. Alfama is too cute. All the winding streets, colourful facades and sweet cafes are lovely. Alto Biarro was slightly quieter but it is home to the ‘insta-famous’ Pinkstreet, which to be perfectly honest I actually found kind of disappointing. By the end of the afternoon we’d racked up more than 20000 steps on our step counter so we fully deserved a cold Aperol/ Mojito…..which escalated into too many glasses of wine, a delicious dinner & fun at one of the many rooftop bars Lisbon has to offer.

Magical Sintra

Needless to say, Sunday got off to a somewhat rocky start. Wine hangovers are no joke! But we’d decided before our trip that we really wanted to see Sintra -a lovely little town about 20km from Lisbon- and neither of us were going to let a hangover stop us from enjoying our last day! So, when we finally managed to struggle out of our apartment we got the train to Sintra. So easy, so cheap & so worth it!

For me, Sintra was the highlight of the trip. Not least because we had the BEST ice cream ever when we got there. Who knew Pastel de Nata and Raspberry & Blueberry Choc Chip ice cream would end up being the cure to end all hangovers! After our treat we wandered through the town and eventually ended up at the Quinta da Regaleira, the most beautiful lush gardens with a magical, fairytale feel. Walk around and see turrets, castles and a gorgeous well, all perfectly photogenic and lovely.

Lisbon – The Perfect City Break

Got a couple of days free? Book a flight to Lisbon ASAP. I fell in love with the colours, vibrancy and people. Basically, Lisbon vibes are amazing. However, if you do go, make sure you get yourself on the train to Sintra too! The gardens are amazing, and Sintra Castle is also still on my bucket list….more yellow lol. Next on the bucketlist? I think it might just have to be Porto. Haven’t had enough of Portugal just yet.

Ps: if you’re interested in seeing any more of my pics from the trip? Check out my Insta page . Hope you enjoyed the read! More blog posts coming soon. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out my other posts. xxx

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