Hotspot Alert – The Streetfood Club

Let’s be honest, if you live in Holland and you’re on social media then you’ve most likely heard of The Streetfood Club before now. This gorgeous restaurant in Utrecht, with its insane tropical/Botanical styling, is basically a blogger’s dream. Also, just FYI, their drinks are amazing!


The Streetfood Club in Utrecht

Utrecht is a beautiful, quaint city about 40mins from Amsterdam. But if you ask me, I much prefer it! It’s a lot smaller, but thankfully, also has been largely undiscovered by the throngs of tourists who imho plague Amsterdam. It’s also a University city so there’s loads of young people around which has most likely helped in making it a hotspot centre….but back to the hotspot in question: The Streetfood Club! Tbh I end up visiting this place every time I go to Utrecht. Its just got so much going for it. Plus, I’m a total sucker for some neon lighting and a giant flamingo.


Food & Drinks As Good As The Interior

Everyone knows I’m a complete sucker for a gorgeous interior, and I’ll admit I’ll go to a cafe/ hotspot / restaurant just for their instagrammable interiors, BUT if the food doesn’t at least match the quality of the place I won’t come back a second time. Luckily, this place offers a great selection of food, a lot of inspired by Asian streetfood (hence the name….;) their ice-cream is especially topnotch – but then I can never resist a good scoop -and the drinks selection is also amazing!

The Streetfood Club – Hotspot

Basically, I could go on and on about the gorgeousness of this place and how amazing the food is (perfect for brekkie, brunch, lunch, dinner, hangover food…and literally any other occasion). But, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking and urge you to go and visit asap. Lots of Love xxx

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