Cafe Strange Brew – A Glasgow Hotspot

At the beginning of October I finally made it back to my spiritual home, Glasgow, for the first time in 10 months(!) Don’t ask me why it took me so long to come back, because I’ll just bore you with the realities of life – finances, time off work etc. Thankfully, this time was extra special because I got to celebrate my belated birthday & my aunt’s birthday and retirement! Naturally this called for lots of food and drinks, triple celebrations ftw!

Glasgow: A Foodie’s Heaven

Needless to say my 5 days in Glasgow were all about food and drink, because when in Glasgow … I, also, finally got the opportunity to visit Cafe Strange Brew in Shawlands, a well-known Glasgow hotspot. This wee treasure has been voted best cafe in Glasgow numerous times and, after visiting, I can totally see why. It’s literally a foodie’s heaven.

Shawlands is an area in the Southside of Glasgow and though it was a little rundown for a while it is now making a comeback (and giving the West End a run for it’s money in terms of great eateries!) Glasgow really is brimming with amazing food places! After a very cold & windy walk down to the cafe I was so happy to stumble upon the unassuming facade of Cafe Strange Brew. The interior is somewhere between shabby and shabby chic, very laidback and unpretentiously cool. It says: this place is all about the quality of the food (in a good way). After a much needed warming mocha, we set about choosing something to eat, and let me tell you, that’s not easy!

The Food At Cafe Strange Brew

Aside from the mouthwateringly delicious sounding dishes on their fixed menu, Cafe Strange Brew also has an ever-changing specials board which only makes the choice more difficult. In the end I couldn’t pass up the chance to try their one of their famous pancake stacks, while my sister chose the pulled pork special and my aunt went the traditional route with toasted sourdough, bacon, eggs and black pudding (seriously good!)

If you’ve been following me for a while on this blog or my Insta page you may know I have a serious sweet-tooth (I mean, I am Scottish after all) so I was super happy with my choice of pancakes. And these especially were incredible. Fluffy pancakes, a delicious spiced poached pear, a whole mountain of fresh, tart blueberries and the glossiest chocolate sauce ever to top it all off….I’m salivating a little just from the memory of this deliciousness. If you’re more of a savoury lover then you’re cravings will definitely be satiated here too. Kate’s pulled pork was delicious, if a little spicy for my sad, underdeveloped taste buds, and again the black pudding on the breakfast stack was just insanely good (we all said it!)

Cafe Strange Brew: A 5⭐Rating

In case all of my enthusing wasn’t obvious enough, I would totally recommend you visit Cafe Strange Brew if you get the chance! The food is glorious, and absolutely fantastic value for money considering the massive portion sizes. However, the place isn’t very big and it’s extremely popular … as in, you’ll be queuing at almost any time you go over. Trust me though, if you do have to wait, wait! It’ll be worth it xxx

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