A Weekend Trip To Brighton

I celebrated my 28th birthday this past September, and instead of dwelling on the fact I’m hurtling towards 30 at lighting speed (honestly, where did my 20s go?!) I decided it was the perfect excuse to finally go on another long-awaited girl’s trip with my gorgeous angels. Hence, a fun weekend trip to Brighton!

Simply Iconic

In all honesty, we spent most of the weekend just chilling out; wandering about all the quaint little streets in The Lanes area of Brighton, and drinking too much (we were celebrating after all!) But in case you’re at all interested in reading about what we got up to, please continue!

Roadtrip to Brighton

It all started with a 5am roadtrip to France to get the Eurotunnel – best transport system ever btw – to England. I can’t tell you how excited I was to finally set foot in England again, I’ve travelled quite a bit, but England will always have a special place in my heart. I just love the people, the countryside is gorgeous -and the cities are equally as cool- and there’s a history and culture there that I really dig. Obviously, a quick pitstop at Costa coffee was needed along way, and luckily for us the weather was absolutely gorgeous so an outdoor mocha was totally where it’s at. As we continued our journey to some funky 80s and nostalgic 90s tunes, I felt my excitement build for our girl’s trip, and finally getting my first glimpse of the sea and the horizon stretched before me only made me more excited….

PSA time: The number one thing to know when roadtrippin’ Brighton is that parking is a bitch. We first discovered that when my friends and I went to Brighton many years ago, as total innocents, and found out we needed either a permit or unlimited bank accounts to actually park anywhere. Needless to say we did not make that mistake again. Instead we pre-booked a parking space at JustPark and felt completely fine leaving our car there for the duration of our weekend.

Must-Dos on a Weekend Trip to Brighton

I’m not going to pretend that I know all the must-dos in Brighton, having only gone for a couple of days…But the obvious one is to visit The Lanes. It’s basically where everything is happening in Brighton. From gorgeous, instagrammable cafes, to higgeldy-piggeldy old pubs and rows upon rows of vintage jewellery dealers – ohhh the magpie in me was out in full here! I’ll never be able to resist an art-deco diamond ring – there truly is something for everyone around here. We were particularly lucky as the weather was stunning, and everyone loves a sunny day, which meant positive vibes alround!

When you’ve spent enough time wandering in and out of all the cute boutiques, and are full of coffee and cake from all the lovely cafes, the beach -lucky for Brightoners- is never far away. So, off we wandered in search of some r&r, and a chippie (of course!) There’s a lovely relaxed vibe about Brighton Beach, and although the cobble stones aren’t the most comfortable, the atmosphere more than makes up for it. From young kids playing around with each other, to teens enjoying a drink and some music, everyone is there to have a good time!

Food & Drink in Brighton

There is such a great food culture in Brighton, it’s basically a foodie’s idea of heaven. But the breakfast, brunch and lunch scene is especially strong -or maybe that’s just because they’re my favourites and I always keep an eye out for great hotspots.

Brunch Spots

We went to two absolutely awesome brunch spots on our weekend: The Breakfast Club (obviously very popular among all the cool kids, so the queue reached out into the street) and Redroaster. The Breakfast Club was like a trip into the 80s, with strong ‘so bad it’s good’ interior vibes. Then again I love the 80s, so for me it’s always good! The food was delicious, although the fried chicken in fireball marinade is 🔥 I guess the name: ‘Fireball’ should’ve tipped me off, but it didn’t so, wimp that I am, I have to be honest and admit that I had my friend eat the rest…although I can attest to the fact the pancakes are ace!

Redroaster in contrast to The Breakfast Club is like an oasis of cool, calm, bali vibes. White tiles, greenery everywhere, it was genuinely a major mood! I’d go back there in a heartbeat. Aside, from the lovely interior the drinks were delicious, the iced coffee was great, and the food was lovely -although miss greedy pants could’ve done with a slightly bigger portion of the french toast.

Cocktails, drinks & drankkkss

For cocktails I urge you to try out Mrs. Fitzherberts, cos as if the name isn’t intriguing and enticing enough, the cocktails are completely intoxicating. I have to be honest, when I see a Disaronno Sour on the cocktail menu, there’s a 90% chance I’ll choose that – although a Spiced Mojito might give it a challenge. So, as is befitting a birthday girl, I had a few…they were just THAT good.

A Perfect Brighton Weekend

It genuinely was the perfect birthday weekend trip away. From singing along (realllly badly) to Katy Perry and The Backstreet Boys, to playing games in our hostel room and just generally taking it easy, I had a really amazing weekend away. Brighton is such a great wee city to visit if you don’t have a lot of time and want to just relax without any obligations or long must-see lists. So, if you’re ever free for a weekend away, hit me up, cos I’d love another weekend trip to Brighton!

Weekend Trips

For more weekend trip ideas check out my post about a weekend trip to Lisbon and keep visiting my page for new updates on foodie hotspots and travel destinations! xxx

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